Welcome to TEN-CHI DojoMore than 20 years with you!

Welcome to the Aikido Club TEN-CHI

Aikido for adultsUnique technique of teaching allows men, women and children of all ages study aikido.

Aikido for adults

Aikido for kidsMore than twenty years of practice, conduct classes for kids wint age from 6 years old

Aikido for kids

Japanese Language Classes- Conversation skills
- Vocabulary formation
- The study of grammar and hieroglyphic system

Japanese Language Classes

Lessons of Japanese calligraphy- Basic writing skills
- The history of calligraphy
- Acquaintance witn Japanese culture

Lessons of Japanese calligraphy

The annual Aikido summer camp training 2 times a day,
four meals,
various games and beach

The annual Aikido summer camp
» Summer camp

Summer camp

Summer camp Since 2001, a good tradition of our club has been organizing and conducting summer sports and recreational fees. This is one of the most important event during the school year.


Summer camps organizing for adults and children from 7-8 years old and who are members of our club.


Летний лагерь Since 2010 our training summer base become the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. A place where Base is located are a spa region in a Western part of the country in conservancy area with rich Flora and fauna. Fine sand and natural sand dunes - this is a beach strip spreadining about 4,5 km. The sea is calm and safe, flat bottom and shallow, good for swimming even for youngest guests of the resort.


From early spring to late autumn fragrance of the sea and the forest are spreadining in the air.


Летний лагерь In a hotel where we stopping supported home furnishings. Feeding is four meals a day. Hotel accommodation in double or triple rooms.


Summer camp program includes such events:

- two times a day outdoors trainnig in the morning and in the afternoon;

- beach and sea in the morning and in the evening;

- also organized several sightseeing activities.


Летний лагерь Within three weeks our best instructors works with your childrens, organize them not only on tatami, but they are also active outside of training, creatining for small aikidok's competitions in badminton, ping pong, chess and others.


We invite you to usefully spend your summer holidays and get a lot of positive impressions, health and increase your aikido skill level on tatami!


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