Welcome to TEN-CHI DojoMore than 20 years with you!

Welcome to the Aikido Club TEN-CHI

Aikido for adultsUnique technique of teaching allows men, women and children of all ages study aikido.

Aikido for adults

Aikido for kidsMore than twenty years of practice, conduct classes for kids wint age from 6 years old

Aikido for kids

Japanese Language Classes- Conversation skills
- Vocabulary formation
- The study of grammar and hieroglyphic system

Japanese Language Classes

Lessons of Japanese calligraphy- Basic writing skills
- The history of calligraphy
- Acquaintance witn Japanese culture

Lessons of Japanese calligraphy

The annual Aikido summer camp training 2 times a day,
four meals,
various games and beach

The annual Aikido summer camp
» Aikido for kids

Aikido for kids

Since the founding TEN-CHI Dojo one of the main directions of our activity was the work with children and teenagers. Today our dojo has more than 20-year practice of organizing classes for kid's aikido, since the age of 6 years.

Айкидо для детей 

Children's groups are formed not only by age but also by the level of training of children, that leads to the aikido class for children, the most effective. On this basis, we have developed a training program that allows children to systematically comprehend the skill levels. The gradual build-up of employment dynamics, the annual certification to the levels (Kyu), encouraging diplomas and certificates give the child an incentive to the study of the arts.

We take pains to make exercise not only beneficial for health, but also interesting for children from 6 to 14 years old.



TEN-CHI Dojo disciplines, gives a new circle of friends. Often parents who give us their children are worried about the child's circle of communication, resulting in their child, parents can rest assured: the instructors accustom to the discipline and help foster character and will contribute to the comprehensive development of the child. Besides, friends who will get the young aikidoka in Tenchi Dojo will, interesting personalities and enthusiastic supporters.

The cost of classes for kids

Kids up to 14 years
  • - A single visit: 500 rub.
  • - Subscription (1 month): 3000 rub.

There are discounts for the purchase of tickets by 3 months

- Timetable for kids

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